Transit Connect Adaptive Van

The Ford Transit Connect is a versatile vehicle with the ability to handle a broad range of needs from family adventures to businesses large and small. The Transit Connect Adaptive Van, an ADA-compliant, wheelchair accessible vehicle that is ideal for both private and commercial users, such as assisted living homes, school districts, hotels, and taxi services.

Accessibility on Demand
The NCV Transit Connect Adaptive Van features an ADA-compliant lowered floor and an innovative new rear-entry fold flat ramp. The vehicle seats up to five adults and one wheelchair user and has the ability to adapt to accommodate multiple combinations of people and cargo. When the vehicle is not being used for the transportation of a wheelchair user, the ramp (with 800 lb capacity) conveniently stores flat, creating a flat floor surface for easy loading of luggage or cargo.

Ramp Lays Flat to Adapt to Your Needs!

The innovative ramp stows flat, creating a surface for you to store cargo such as groceries or luggage, just like a standard vehicle.

The ADA-compliant ramp folds out allowing a passenger in a wheelchair to board the vehicle.

Once the wheelchair user is secured, the ramp can be folded up into the vertical position and you’re ready to go!

Tax Incentives and Rebates
Since the Nor-Cal Vans Transit Connect Adaptive Van conversion meets ADA standards, businesses could save thousands of dollars through Federal tax incentive programs which encourage compliance with the American Disabilities Act. In addition, Ford's Mobility Motoring program offers up to $1,000 reimbursement towards the cost of the Nor-Cal Vans Transit Connect Adaptive Van conversion.
Find out how tax incentives and rebates can help lower your costs.


NEW FOR 2018! No Need to Fold the Seats Forward to Deploy Ramp!

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