Wheelchair Transporter

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Looking to make your Ford Transit wheelchair accessible? With over 30 years of experience in the mobility industry, Nor-Cal Vans offers several options to make the Transit meet ADA standards.

  • Rear or side-entry wheelchair lift (up to 1000lbs)
  • Wheelchair lift Interlock (ADA & FMVSS compliant)
  • Non-slip commercial flooring with reinforced subfloor in wheelchair securement area
  • Manual wheelchair tie-down systems and shoulder lap belt
  • Seating up to 14 passengers
  • Up to 38% better fuel economy than other shuttle bus chassis
  • Fold-Away seating
  • Running boards
  • Power slider door and step
  • Bus door entry
  • ABS cargo interior
  • Escape window or roof hatch
  • Paging system
  • Camera surveillance system
  • Front destination sign
  • Auto retractable wheelchair tie-down system
  • Gurney securement

Now available with Curbside Options (Flyer)
Curbside Access Transit
Nor-Cal Vans offers the Curbside Access Transit which features a fixed side-entry wheelchair lift and a stairwell in the front passenger area to allow ambulatory passengers to enter from the curbside.

Nor-Cal Vans also offers the "Shift N Step” dual entry system allowing operators the ability to use the Ford OEM van chassis and have a side-mounted 34” wide wheelchair lift installed. When you want to shift the lift so ambulatory users can access the side entry position, the driver simply activates the "Shift N Step” system and the wheelchair lift gently glides rearward allowing for ambulatory access.