Nor-Cal Vans offers AbiliTrax- a flooring platform that allows the Ford Transit to have movable seating, wheelchair positions, and accessories in a matter of seconds without having to perform extensive structural work to the vehicle.

The exclusive, premium seat provides a "step and lock” latching system that allows the seats to be removed and reinstalled in seconds from a standing position with no tools. These bases are also provided with wheels for easy transport. Our exclusive flip up seat cushion also allows easier handling, passenger access and compact, nest-able storage.

  • NO additional structural modification to the vehicle body (chassis no longer needs to be cut apart to raise roof or doors)
  • Reconfigure seating in an upright position
  • Meets FMVSS and CMVSS requirements
  • Made in America!
  • The most important one- FLEXIBILITY, you can choose to change seating and wheelchair numbers at any time
See how easy it is to rearrange seating!

Learn more about the AbiliTrax at their website.

Nor-Cal Vans Also Offers Abilitrax's Shift-N-Step (Flyer)

Nor-Cal Vans also offers the "Shift N Step” dual entry system allowing operators the ability to use the Ford OEM van chassis and have a side-mounted 34” wide wheelchair lift installed. When you want to shift the lift so ambulatory users can access the side entry position, the driver simply activates the "Shift N Step” system and the wheelchair lift gently glides rearward allowing for ambulatory access.