Transit Connect FAQ

Why is the spare tire mount optional in the Transit Connect Adaptive Van?
As manufacturers we want to be able to provide our customers with a product that we think can best suit their needs. That's why we chose to make a spare tire mount optional.

Transit Connect Spare Tire MountMounting the spare tire requires us to modify the driver side wall panel by removing one of the cup holders and a/c vents to make room for the tire and mounting bracket. It also blocks about half of the window. There is still one cup holder and a/c vent on the passenger side. By not mounting the spare tire, the wheelchair position feels more open and provides all the comforts of the vehicle. Mounting the spare tire in the vehicle will also reduce the weight capacity of the vehicle.

Nor-Cal Vans provides as a standard an emergency roadside flat repair kit which includes an inflater and tire sealant that will temporarily repair a flat tire. It's becoming more and more common with factory vehicles. The factory full-size spare tire will be loose loaded into your Transit Connect for you to keep on hand to be replaced if needed.

If you would prefer to have the spare tire mounted inside the Transit Connect, let your sales person know at time of placing order and Nor-Cal Vans can add it for an additional charge.

What are the optional electric locking retracting wheelchair tiedowns with straps?
Our standard package comes with Q’Straint QRT Deluxe Retractors that are mounted on L-track ovals so they are removable when not in use.

As an upgrade we offer longer electric locking retractors that allow the front tie-downs to be attached to the wheelchair prior to the wheelchair entering the vehicle. When the power is engaged, they retreat 4 meters out, long enough to reach a chair at the base of the ramp. When the switch is disengaged, the retractors allow for forward movement up the ramp and prevents the wheelchair from rolling backwards.

Does the Adaptive Van conversion affect ground clearance on the Ford Transit Connect?
The Nor-Cal Vans Transit Connect Adaptive Van does not affect ground clearance under normal driving conditions.