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Transporting your product safely and legally is critical to the success of your business. With the new July 1st 2018 regulations in place, you may feel trapped, as though hiring an armored car is your only real option. The good news is that you have options that are more affordable than you think. At Nor-Cal Vans we have been converting vans for over 30 years, and we have already designed a custom solution to meet the transportation needs of the Cannabis industry.

We Do Custom Van Conversions For Companies That Transport Cannabis

Do You have?
  • An Internally Locked Storage Area
  • A Money Lock Box Inside
  • An Unmarked Cargo Van
  • A clear understanding of all the new regulations
Save Yourself and Your Company
  • Huge fines
  • Costly delays
  • Having your business flagged
  • Potential shut down

We are a Ford Quality Vehicle Modifier (QVM), which is a big fancy way to say that everything we do is inspected and your quality is assured. Even more important is that if you purchase a new Ford Transit or Ford Transit Connect and we modify it, the Ford Factory Warranty will be fully intact. Most modifications from a non-Ford QVM certified company could result in voiding the warranty, but not if you work with Nor-Cal Vans.

Nor-Cal Vans can also help you get Ford dealer financing for your new van(s).

Not ready for new? We can also modify a used Ford Transit van or Transit Connect and ensure that all the regulations are met.

Additional Options

In addition to meeting all the legal requirements, we also offer some additional options such as:

  • Alarm System
  • GPS
  • Storage Bins
  • Manual or Power Step
    (For Full Size Transits Only)
  • LED Interior Lighting

Available in 3 options

1300 Lb.

3000 Lb.

3000 Lb.

Are you ready for the new transportation regulations?

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