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2013 E-Vans Are Just Around the Corner!

We’ll see our first ones in just a few weeks! While there are no major changes in the 2013 chassis over the 2012 chassis, there is one minor change worth noting: There will no longer be a cigarette lighter in the dash (12-volt PowerPoint with cover is retained).

A new option for 2013 is a 110-volt 150-watt A/C power inverter located in the dash where the cigarette lighters used to be.This 110-volt/150-watt outlet can be used for several functions, possibly including charging the batteries of power wheelchairs or scooters while in transit.This option has an MSRP cost of $100 and will be ordered on all 2013 Nor-Cal Vans Ford chassis.

Nor-Cal Vans has also started to order Ford E-150 Wagons and E-250 RV Converters with Ford factory running boards, reverse cameras and reverse sensors, all which have proven to be very popular options.

All of our 2013 E-vans will come with the Ford SYNC system. SYNC offers several functions, including Bluetooth Connectivity for compatible cell phones and 911 Assist, as well as audio turn-by-turn navigation assistance.

Please note that qualified service-connect disabled veterans in receipt of the 4502 Automotive Grant might be eligible for up to $259 allowance towards the Ford Sync because of the 911 Assist feature. VA reimbursement schedule would refer to it as "In-Vehicle Emergency Response System”.

It might also be possible that these same disabled veterans could be reimbursed for reverse cameras and/or reverse sensors if they’re listed on the driver evaluation report. This isn’t true in all regions, so please confirm with your local V.A. Regional Office.