NCV Van Features

There are lots of features our Nor-Cal Vans Full-Sized Ford Vans offer, learn more about them in the blog posts below!
Slim-line Engine Cover Console
A little known secret of the E-Series van is the slim-line engine cover console. The slim-line engine cover console replaces the larger stock deluxe engine cover console, and provides more clearance in the driver and passenger area.
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Nor-Cal Vans MAX 9" has more Weight Capacity!
With hundreds of pounds more available load carrying capacity than a minivan, our full sized Ford conversions are able to accommodate even the heaviest of wheelchair users. More weight capacity is essential when considering the continuing trend toward heavier power wheelchairs and heavier wheelchair users. Plus, there’s enough weight capacity left over to accommodate family and friends!
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All Ford Vans ordered by Nor-Cal Vans are ordered with the Ford SYNC system. Learn more about what you'll get with Ford SYNC.
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What's the Difference Between a Ford Wagon and RV Converter?
Here at Nor-Cal Vans, I’m often asked what the difference is between our Ford Wagon and our Ford RV Converter vans.
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