Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier

QVM is a Ford program that stands for Qualified Vehicle Modifier. QVM is Ford Motor Company's quality recognition given to Ford vehicle modifiers that meet manufacturing "best practices" guidelines. Ford Motor Company developed the QVM program to assist builders in achieving greater levels of customer satisfaction and product acceptance through the manufacturing of high quality conversion vehicles.

As a Ford QVM, Nor-Cal Vans submits to annual inspections by Ford inspectors. We are evaluated by Ford Motor Company on criteria such as engineering, the manufacturing process, quality control, and adherence to Ford guidelines. Specifically, the QVM Program requires the following from converters:

  • Compliance with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
  • Conformance with all Ford industry guidelines for vehicle conversions
  • Annual facility inspection and review of converter's processes
  • A commitment to continuous improvement

Qualified Vehicle Modifier

What Does This Mean to You as a QVM Customer?

Ford Motor Company's QVM Program assists approved modifiers in developing a high-quality conversion process that will meet your expectations. While Ford doesn't actually produce the finished converted product you receive, the Ford conversions are specifically designed to meet your unique demands.

When your standards are high enough to demand a Ford for your conversion, don't settle for just any converter. Only chose Ford QVM modifiers.

Learn more about the Ford QVM Program at their website.

Nor-Cal Vans is a Ford eQVM Installer

The new eQVM program helps fleet and commercial customers meet their unique and specific needs for durable, reliable electrified and hydraulic hybrid work trucks that retain the original powertrain warranty.

The Ford QVM program includes more than 200 companies dedicated to modifying the automaker’s broad commercial vehicle lineup for customer applications in a number of industries, including motorhome, school bus, mobility, emergency services, conversion van, police and limousine. Additionally, QVM upfitters install a wide range of equipment onto Ford trucks and vans to transform them into the work trucks that help build America’s infrastructure and keep it running.

Ford’s thorough QVM qualification process includes on-site assessments at each location to verify the operation meets manufacturing, assembly, workmanship, customer service and quality requirements and that it has processes in place to produce vehicles that meet federal regulations. Vehicles modified by a Ford QVM in compliance with Ford guidelines retain their factory warranties.

The eQVM program builds on the success of the Advanced Fuel QVM program Ford launched in 2010. Through that program, customers can obtain Ford Transit Connect, Transit or E-450 vans and chassis, F-Series trucks and F-53/F-59 stripped chassis that run on compressed natural gas or propane. The eQVM program expands available alternative power options to include electrification and hydraulic hybrid systems.